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The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom (TSSWWW) is devoted to guiding people from all walks of life, through the Life Sciences of Wellness, Wealth & Wisdom, into the Art of Human Brilliance, Human Potential and Human Professionalism. The Salaam School explores and introduces extraordinary concepts in education that merge the students “Whole Life as the University”. This holistic approach to life learning imparts priceless philosophical opportunities for a person to ask then answer and satisfy such age old questions as “Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Is this all there is?”

The Salaam Schools “Training & Development” certificate granting courses cultivate skills to promote greater awareness and comprehensions for people of all ages, to help them identify, embrace, strengthen and magnify their intended Life Purpose. Ultimately, TSSWWW  journey is designed and delivered to inspire a forward thinking, solution driven consciousness, enhancing a personal, professional, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, advantageous to ones self, family, community, career, workplace and the global good of humanity!

“Let Us Help You Build Your Team”

BecausePersonal is Professional! What would happen if Your Staff, Your Team, Your Board, Your Organization,  Your Company, “YOU’” were to Discover Skills, Vision & Courage, “Tools for Transformation”  to Live 100% of Your & Their Human Potential? CAPACITY BUILDING!  Your Team Would WIN!

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Trust Us to Design & Deliver Power Building Half day, Full Day, Weekend or Week Long Seminars, Trainings & Retreats! We have More than 25 years and over 60,000 Satisfactorily Served! *SAI est. 1987

Executive References


Allan Houston Legacy Foundation*

It is our pleasure to recommend Pamela Salaam Jaha and Salaam Arts & Inspiration LLC as a professional service. We’ve gotten to know Ms. Salaam through our Business Education and Development Program for which she’s helped prepare large groups of aspiring entrepreneurs (in both New York and New Orleans) for the personal and professional rigors of obtaining their goals. Ms. Salaam has also effectively served with distinction as a mentor to particular students enrolled within this program.

We’re pleased to say that Ms. Salaam carries a tremendous amount of character and professionalism in her work and represents the very best of what we can expect from a trainer, skills coach, and educator. If you determine that she is well-suited for the position, we’re sure that you will find the same personal and professional attributes that we have in working with her. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.


Allan Houston, Principal

Jonathan M. Herman, Vice President

Our Distinguished Client Roster further includes

  • Arts East NY
  • Strivers Garden / New Bedford Management
  • TFOA Professional Prep Charter School
  • RIIS Jacob
  • Tao Garden, Northern Thailand
  • State University NY OSWEGO
  • Dickinson College
  • Bronx Community College
  • NYS Children & Family Services
  • TASC (The After School Corp.)
  • Children’s Aid Society
  • NFL Officiating Academy
  • Allan Houston Legacy Foundation Business Education Development Program NYC & New Orleans
  • FEMA
  • NYCHA Pathways For Youth Inc.
  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • The Beacon House, Newark NJ
  • Svntn Below, Restaurant Lounge
  • Worldwide Medical Seminars
  • Youth Information Center, Montego Bay Jamaica
  • New Age Spa Resort
  • East River Harlem Family Center
  • Bronx D.A. Weed & Seed Program
  • The Legacy Coalition Inc.
  • Whosoever Will Baptist Church
  • Williams Institutional
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