Educators Need Love Too

Stress is exceptionally damaging to a learning environment. Students, educators and parents in communities of all socioeconomic standings and backgrounds are experiencing the impact. As founder and lead principal of two organizations, Salaam Arts & Inspiration and GirlSpirit WomenSong Inc., my role as a school and community partner, for more than two decades in over 60 learning settings, has allowed us to have a birds eye view of the shift in both academic atmosphere, behavior and performance.

In my observations, I have noted that as we have moved from a setting of “learning and social readiness”, to a setting of “teaching to the test”, students from kindergarten through college are exhibiting the effects of stress upon performance.

Adding fuel to the fire, numerous teachers are feeling more stressed than ever. Legislation has raised the stakes for testing, potentially tying student performance to teacher salaries and job stability, while dictating what teachers teach. This lack of control over their professional lives, their classrooms, and the test scores of their students has many teachers unnerved.

In many cases, the stress of the test has been weakening the link between student, educator and parent. Ultimately, educators in this case become frustrated, when they otherwise could continue to be empowering connectors between school and community. The stress trend in academia has revealed itself in obesity, anger mis-management and conflict, not solely amongst students, yet amongst adults as well.

STRESS. It is a purveyor of the root of all chronic discomfort and disease.

If not appropriately addressed stress can debilitate individuals, families, businesses, organizations and communities.

It can deplete one of ambition and Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual strength.

The GOOD NEWS is …

Disease cannot thrive or stay alive in a body that is in a Healthy Emotional State!

Let Salaam Arts & Inspiration “Rhythm Rise & Revitalize” Your Mindset, Your Classroom, Your Family, Your Team!

Spend Your Vacations Wisely!

Remember to Invest In Your Healthy Self Success!

Professionals, Get Your Power Back!

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… because

Educators, Professionals and Families Need Love Too!

At Salaam Arts & Inspiration, we know that no two people or two groups are the same.

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