Arts In Education

When a child smiles upon completion of a thing,
it is because she or he has found something,
that she or he likes about themselves!

SAI … More Than 60,000 Satisfactorily Served!

Salaam Arts & Inspiration is an Academic All of It’s Own!

For almost three decades, Salaam Arts & Inspiration (SAI) has designed and delivered School Day, Extended School Day, Saturday, Summer and Weekend Retreat programs, projects and special events, for students Pre-K – 12. With social and emotional well at the core, SAI multifaceted activities present creative, expressive outlets of enrichment that speak to and reverse issues of self-esteem, social etiquette, obesity, truancy, illiteracy, bullying, school violence, diversity, leadership, healthy competition, goal setting and more.  With a history that includes serving what are termed as “high needs school districts” SAI’s innovative comprehensive approach is dedicated to creating and sustaining a safe, nurturing school environment, where students feel secure and supported while learning.

SAI Violence Prevention Initiatives are strategically based in Emotional Intelligence (EI), thereby SAI has been frequently called upon to help reverse the downward spiral in school districts who otherwise endured poor academic performance and extreme frequency of unhealthy and violent incidents. EI is the ability of individuals to recognize their own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings, to label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide more appropriate thinking and behaviors. Further, SAI collaborates with colleges and universities, Community Based Organizations (CBO’s), health, safety, judicial and law enforcement agencies, to increase the sustainability of whole life, lifelong learning.

Via gender specific, co-educational or family dynamics, Salaam Arts & Inspiration has provided goods and services to an average of 1500 Pre-K – 12 students, educators and families annually! SAI Services may be provided as workshops, residencies, conferences or retreats. Services culminate in performances, presentations or finished projects. Specialty Areas include;

  • Performing Arts / Theater & Dance
  • Literary Arts / Creative Writing & Publishing
  • Media Arts / Film, Videos, Blogs
  • Healing Arts / Mind Body Health & Wellness
  • Conflict Resolve, Stress Reduction
  • Meditation, Aromatherapy & Music Therapy
  • Culinary Arts / Delicious & Nutritious for Fitness
  • Family Wellness Programs and Festivals
  • Grooming & Social Etiquette
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Restoration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring / Community Leader and Peer to Peer
  • Leadership Retreats
  • GirlSpirit Leadership Pageants
  • Saving Our Sons / Boyhood to Manhood
  • Saturday Academy
  • Transforming Teens Summer Camps
  • Cradle to College to Career Conferences
  • Global Travel
  • Parent Power Training Institute
  • Educator Personal / Professional Development
  • Back to School Campaigns & Events

Since 1987, SAI has taken an interdisciplinary approach to learning, connecting arts curricula to social studies, science, math, communication arts and English.

“Whole Life Wellness” is the SAI foundation. The arts based curriculum of SAI is dedicated to strengthening interpersonal communications between students and parents, parents and teachers and the ultimate trinity … “student, teacher, parent”!

SAI “Designs and Delivers” programs, activities and curriculums that;

  • Make Hearts Smile!
  • Activate The Art of Inquiry
  • Nurture Self Worth and Goal Setting
  • Improve Achievement Levels and Overall Quality of Life
  • Insist Upon Clear Communications and Conflict Resolve
  • Introduce Cultural Awareness & Appreciation
  • Motivate Positive Thinking, Team Building and Fair Play
  • Merge Forward Thinking with Solution Driven Mindsets
  • Teach Sustainable Life Skills and Community Building
  • Reinforce or Introduce The Principles of Health and Wellness
  • Cultivate Social Etiquette and Community Care
  • Encourage Self Reliance, Social Responsibility and Global Change
  • and oh yes, did we say, We Help Make Even the Hardest of Hearts Smile!

Executive Reference

NYC Dept. Of Education Office of School and Youth Development

Salaam Arts & Inspiration (SAI) is an Arts in Education organization par excellence!  SAI has treated each student as an individual and provides each with a unique opportunity to fulfill confidence building and artistic goals.  Principals are astonished by the level of professionalism of the programs and SAI Founder/CEO, Ms. Pamela Salaam, as she insists on high standards, in turn diligent in achieving set goals.  Educators, parents and students continue to acclaim SAI workshops and productions.  I have personally witnessed the forward progression of students, as a result of their participation in SAI programs… too, the boost in morale amongst teachers and students after enjoying an SAI assembly performance.

Further, SAI gender specific initiatives that teach leadership, empowerment, life skills and social etiquette prove to be a highlight in the life learning experience of middle and high school students.  The SAI temperament and style has been a credit to most probably every school and organization with the wisdom to have made Salaam Arts & Inspiration a part of it’s team!

I submit my highest recommendation.

Anthony Orzo,

Deputy to the Chief Executive Officer

SAI introduces engaging, empowering, life liberating opportunities for “Self Expressive Learnings” that inspire students K-College to aspire to their individual greatness. Such opportunities culminate in projects and/or events that speak to both our community as well as to our global collective greater good!

SAI … More Than 60,000 Satisfactorily Served! 28 Years & COUNTING!

Our Distinguished Academic Client Roster has included;

NYC Department of Education

  • P.S. 138
  • P.S. 100
  • P.S. 36
  • P.S. 48
  • P.S. 93
  • P.S. 44
  • P.S. 333
  • P.S. 335
  • PS 66
  • PS 242
  • P.S. 79M
  • C.S. 234
  • I.S. 131
  • I.S. 174
  • I.S. 129
  • MS 302
  • MS 113
  • MS 135
  • ASPIRE Preparatory School
  • Talented And Gifted School
  • Young Scholars Academy
  • Stevenson H.S.
  • Monroe H.S.
  • Columbus H.S.
  • Manhattan Alternative Learning Centers
    • Wadleigh MS,
    • Harlem Y,
    • Choir Academy,
    • Graphics,
    • Physical City
  • MS 8Q
  • Urban Assembly School of Urban Environment
  • John P. Sousa School
  • Newark Eagle Academy for Young Men
  • Young Diplomats Magnet Academy Harlem
  • LEAP
  • Bronx DA Weed & Seed Program
  • NYS Dept of Youth and Family Services
  • Pathways For Youth Afterschool Program
  • ASCEND Middle School
  • Dickinson College
  • Bronx Community College
  • State University NY OSWEGO
  • TFOA Professional Prep Charter School

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